Street art in progress by Yiakou.

Street art in progress by Yiakou
Yiakou, who studied something utterly different from what you would expect for almost 10 years, finally gave in to his true nature. He gave into art.

In the young age of 22, he managed to become one of the most admirable street artists out there and win his place as the youngest member of the Greek representatives of the UNESCO Association.

This year, Yiakou shall present a new project in different spots in the city of Athens. Filling all grown up, the artist decides to give us the chance to travel with him by leaving the classic street art stage for a more pop and abstract still life form of art. Being influenced by other great artists as Cezanne, Matisse and Pollock, Yiakou gives birth to an artistic result which passes on the message that 21st-century art has something to say and stand for.

Read his latest interview to…/06/28/greek-street-art-meet-yiakou/

July 22, 2017

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